Important Circular and Data

S.No. Date
Letter No.
1. 10-march-2015 Implementation of new Pension Scheme (NPS) 115/AE-12/302/NPS/15
2. 9-sept-2016 Revised HRA 47/2016/S.A./-2-1017/10-08
3. 27-jan-2017 Details of defective application form of employee code allotment 90/pra-1/2005-0421/2017
4. 01-Dec-2017 Feeding Data Online in Scheme Monitoring System - Circular 898/2042-WBOS-Physical and Financial Progress/17
5. Fund Release Orders of NRDWP Schemes
6. 21-MAY-2018 List of Habitations/Locations for sample collection (Micro Biological Test) 706/2042-0084/18