Important Circular And Data
Letter No.
1. 15-Mar-2013 Guideliness for Finanacial & Store Management Sysem 10/EDPCell/Data Mana./02
2. 21-Sep-2013 Allocation of Personnal Code 43/EDPCell/Data Mana./08
3. 25-Nov-2013 Allocation of Personnal Code & Computerization of Transfer/Posting 52/EDPCell/Data Mana./09
4. 14-july-2014 instruction for financial progress report 1192/PRA1/2005-0492/14
5. 25-nov-2014 Mentioning office/employee code is manadatory 1963/PRA-1/2005-0421/14
6. 03-Dec-2014 Implemetation Of Online PayRoll System 1999/PRA-1/2005-0421/14
7. 9-Jan-2014 Supply of computer and peripheral to UPJN Office 50/PRA-1/2005-0421/2015
8. 10-march-2015 iImplementation of New Pension Scheme(NPS) 115/AE-12/302/NPS/15
9. 09-Sept-2016 Revised HRA 47/2016/S.A./-2-1017/10-08
Personal Information System
Payroll System
Monthly Progress Report
List of office/Employee for code allocation - already applied but not responded till 27/11/2014 List of Active Offices with Location Code Mapping Of New program name and code
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