Important Circular and Data

S.N. Date
Letter No.
1. 25/04/2019 Regarding Online Entry of ongoing Schemes running under SRDWP in 498/2042-SRDWP/19
2. 10/03/2015 Implementation of new Pension Scheme (NPS) 115/AE-12/302/NPS/15
3. 09/09/2016 Revised HRA 47/2016/S.A./-2-1017/10-08
4. 27/01/2017 Details of defective application form of employee code allotment 90/pra-1/2005-0421/2017
5. 01/12/2017 Feeding Data Online in Scheme Monitoring System - Circular 898/2042-WBOS-Physical and Financial Progress/17
6. Fund Release Orders of NRDWP Schemes
7. 21/05/2018 List of Habitations/Locations for sample collection (Micro Biological Test) 706/2042-0084/18
8. 18/08/2018 List of PWS (NRDWP) to be completed by Dec 2018
9. 18-08-2018 Proposed Allocation for NRDWP (PWS) during 2018-19 (1st Installment)
10. 21/08/2018 To complete the ongoing schemes for the year 2018-19 and determination of the component wise target for all the schemes running under NRDWP 1295/2042-0004(Nirmanadhin)/18
11. 27/08/2018 Creation of PFMS Cell 1327/2042-PFMS/18
12. 05/11/2018 Allocated Fund to PWS under NRDWP in 2018-19 1703/2042-Ra.Pey.Yo./18
13. 07/01/2019 Marking of details regarding improvement and ranking of Lab on IMIS 105/2042-Nivida-0092/19
14. 16/01/2019 Regarding E-Tendering System in All Departments/Public Undertakings/Development Authorities/Municipal Corporations of UP 937/Prayog-3/81

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